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Health & safety points in factory:

For the health and safety of workers the organization at factory has fire alarm which alerts employees in factory to know the emergency.

Adequate fire extinguishers and buckets with sands are placed at strategic positions.

Employees are trained,once in two months, on emergency evacuation.

Employees are provided with aprons to safeguard them during work.

Sharp tools are provided with caps to avoid accidents. Gloves are provided and standard instructions are practiced while handling adhesives and color pigments.

Also masks are provided for the following operations:

  • While spraying water based adhesives,
  • While cutting and skiving.

Adequate first aid boxes are provided in assembly halls and dining halls for the emergency. Employees are trained for first aid to do the first aid during the emergency.

Needle guard, stitching machine belt guard, rubber mats are provided as an extra safety measure. Caps are provided for employees where dust may present in the operational area.

The factory analyses risks and reviews it periodically for health and safety work environment which is a standard procedure of the Social Compliance Certificate SA8000 that the Organization possess.